About this blog

According to whois, the domain for this blog was registered in 2006.

created:       2006-12-12T21:00:00Z

15 years later I’m finally writing the first post.

It took so long to start because I’ve set the bar quite high as I wanted to have some worthy articles ready, learn a new tool for static blog management and improve my frontend skills writing a modern HTML/CSS theme from scratch, all at once to start this. Several attempts were required.

Regarding the most important - content, I’m hesitant even still if it can be useful to public, while the wildest desire would be for it to be inspiring, but I have no illusions of that it would be easy. But you never know until you try, so I’m setting the goals for this blog in the order of increasing desirability yet hardness to accomplish:

  • Improve my writing skills in two languages. This blog is bilingual and I plan to keep each post and article dubbed in both English and Russian.
  • Write down useful ideas, guides and drafts for myself. There’s no better way to ensure longevity and quality of information which needs to be preserved than making it public.
  • Share my knowledge and experience. These 15 years haven’t passed in vain and I have learned and done a lot of things in F/OSS community, and my passion for it have grown manyfold.
  • Hopefully inspire others. To contribute to F/OSS, fix bugs, write ports, explore and learn.

Topics to cover:

  • Software packaging, particularly related to FreeBSD ports.
    • Specifically, I plan series of posts of how I make ports for new software.
    • I plan another series covering common software portability problems, which could be compiled into something like a portability handbook.
  • F/OSS gamedev, particularly reimplementing classic games in form of Free Software.
  • Contributing to and improving Free/Open Source Software in general.
  • C++ and Python programming.
  • FreeBSD development and usage.
  • Privacy, freedom of speech, decentralization, and censorship countering.
  • Maybe some real-life activities to dilute technical content a bit?

I don’t plan to post regularly. I preserve right to update and remove outdated posts. I’m totally open to feedback (via email, fediverse, telegram, or issue for this blogs repository), including spelling and grammar fixes and better wording suggestions.

Here goes!