I’m Dmitry Marakasov, Free Software developer. My primary languages are C++ and Python, interests include FreeBSD, software packaging, software portability, F/OSS gamedev and improving Free Software, Hardware, and Data ecosystem in general. I try to contribute to everything I can get my hands on.

My most notable projects and contributions are:

That is roughly what I write about in this blog.

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Portability ABC: project naming

Surprisingly, portability/packaging issues may be introduced to a project long before the first line of code is even written, merely by a bad name choice.

Make sure the name of your project is clear, unambiguous, unique and compatible with packaging, otherwise the package or files installed by it are likely to be named differently than you’ve intended (to avoid name conflicts, comply with packaging policies, or just because of misunderstanding). This, in turn, causes trouble for users locating and running your software and breaks automated tools (such as new upstream release checkers and security vulnerability reporters). In addition, these changes are likely be different in each other repository, which complicates distro migration and hinders interoperability, portability of dependent software and usefulness of documentation.

Portability ABC: introduction

As promised, I’m staring a series of posts about F/OSS portability which, hopefully, I will be able to compiles into something like a book at some point

For 15 years already I create and maintain FreeBSD ports of different F/OSS software, and forgetfully I have to state that the process has not become easier in any way during this time. What’s the cause?

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15 years later I’m finally writing the first post.